A company with more than 50 years of experience

Specialists in the development of profiling machines and tools.

Algoro is a company specialized in the development of PFL profiling machines and tools, customized according to the needs of each client.

Our multidisciplinary team is responsible for all development processes, from the project to quality tests. Algoro’s team undergoes continuous training in order to be able to offer excellent service. Our permanent investment in technology contributes to a highly experienced team focused on a reliable long lasting relationship with the ones that chose us.

This is how we will develop the machine that best meets the real needs of your company.


Our dedicated team is internally supported by innovative prototyping equipment which accounts for a rapid development process.

We offer a range of internally developed machines.

Maintenance and Repair

Our multidisciplinary team is trained to offer maintenance as well as optimisation and retrofitting services as required.


Our multidisciplinary team is responsible for the planning and development of every light steel framing machine by aiming at the most innovative solution and ensuring the highest quality with a focus on safety and the production goals.


We have the team and the equipment for internal prototyping.

Maintenance and Repair

We have a technical team for maintenance and repair.


We will upgrade your equipment to increase your profitability.